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02/2014 UPDATE: We are now accepting custom gunsmithing work, on a limited basis.
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01/14 UPDATE: Well, a new year is here, and an old year has passed...  2013 was a year of continued uncertainty in the political world, leading to fear among concerned citizens, in turn leading to scarcity of firearms and ammunition.  Federal statistics show the number of American households who now own guns is at an all-time high; being some 15% higher than historic norms.  While this may be a positive thing, frankly, it's been a tough year for many in the industry.  While the lay-person may think that the all-time high rate of gun sales is making the industry professionals fat and happy, this sadly isn't the truth for many firearms/ammunition distributors and dealers, who simply cannot obtain enough product to sell.  As the shooter becomes frustrated over not being able to get that gun or ammo they want, know that you are not alone.  It is very frustrating for the gun shop as well, who has bills to pay, and not enough guns to sell.  At Severns Custom, we're praying for a bit of certainty, both within this industry, and in the US as a nation.  And...Godspeed to our troops.  We love, appreciate, and admire you.

Anyhow, here we go with 2014.  As I've said recently, there are some big changes in the works at Severns Custom.  Exciting changes, which we'll detail more in the near future, and which promise good things for our customers.  One of the things forthcoming is another "Thunder In The West" Shoot-out...this time a Commander Feeding Frenzy.  Dave is now busy stockpiling a group of worthy competitors for the event.  For this shoot-out, we'll strip 'em down to their skivvy's, showing you what's REALLY inside (the good as well as the OOPS!) then we'll put 'em back together and see what they'll REALLY do in the field, both in terms of accuracy and dependability.  BS need not apply!  Unlike the glossy gun magazines, where the author always seems to somehow end up with the test gun in his/her personal collection, here at SC, we get nuttin' out of the deal.  In fact, doing these shoots costs us a bunch of money, in time and ammo.  We do it simply for the passion, and because we know you appreciate it.  Thanks, by the way...

Finally, we all know that time is now more than ever a precious commodity.  This unfortunate fact, combined with the ever-increasing  number of unsolicited sales and robo-calls we receive, has us concentrating more and more on answering e-mails, as opposed to the telephone.  Conversations with others in the firearms industry confirms that we are not alone.  While we hate to seem impersonal, we do wish to ask that customers try to use e-mail as a medium as much as they feel comfortable in doing.  We love to chat...especially after hours...but we also need to work hard to reduce our sizable backlog of work.  We sincerely hope you'll understand, thanks!  :)   

Welcome to Severns Custom!  Specializing in H.A.R.D. Model 1911 pistols for the serious user.  When your operational requirements demand Hard use, extreme Accuracy, utter Reliability and long-term Durability, combined with rugged good looks, we've got your back!  

Severns Custom is your complete Model 1911 resource, working with you from project conception to completion.  We sell a complete line of new and quality pre-owned 1911 pistols (and ONLY Model 1911 pistols...!).  We also offer custom pistols based upon quality slide and frame sets, for those who prefer not to start with a complete, factory pistol.  We'll whip that raw recruit into shape, offering a comprehensive suite of custom pistolsmithing services, which combine high-tech tooling and machinery with old-world craftsmanship.  Next, we'll finish the weapon, choosing among many available finishes, coatings, and treatments, including our proprietary HARD HAT blackening treatment, that's truly as tough as nails!  Finally, we'll cover your creation with a custom set of grips, crafted using your choice of high-tech, synthetic materials or made by hand, from any number of exotic woods.  The end result is a thing of beauty; an all-business, hard-use tool, fit for the most demanding professional!     

Those who have been exposed to the firearms industry for any length of time find it to contain considerable hype, "smoke & mirrors", and sometimes, outright BS.  At Severns Custom, we'll meet you "on the level".  Your questions and comments are always welcome, and we'll do our best to treat you with respect, and common courtesy.  I am personally at your service.  7 days per week.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Dave Severns 



Again, welcome aboard!  We hope you enjoy your visit.  Questions?  PLEASE, speak up!  We're available at: or 1-775-790-0681.  We're here to serve, and our mission is to earn your total satisfaction.  Remember, at Severns Custom, we don't build "safe queens"...we build "life preservers"! 


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