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Excellent question, and thanks for asking!  There are several reasons you should choose to buy your next firearm from us.  First, Severns Custom is NOT simply another gun dealer, Dave Severns, the owner of Severns Custom, is also a nationally-recognized Model 1911 pistolsmith, who knows a thing or two about these weapons.  Knowing that the guns we sell are often used as the base for custom builds, ALL 1911 pistols we receive are given an inspection upon arrival in the shop, to ensure they are of acceptable quality, and free from significant cosmetic defects, scratches and dings, machining errors, mis-matched parts, etc.  Those that don't pass Dave's muster are immediately returned.  Period.  In short, Dave does the pre-inspection so you don't have to, minimizing your risk, at no charge to you.  Try getting that from those other shops!

In the photo above, notice the damaged bluing on the pistol slide, just below the rear sight.  Imagine unwrapping your brand new, $2000 pistol to find that!  At Severns Custom, we find it and send it back, so you don't have to! 

Second, we offer free, expert advice on your next purchase.  When it comes to Model 1911 pistols, we know what we're talking about.  Unlike our competition, we buy 'em, shoot 'em, and work on 'em every day, and we know the real skinny on what is good, what is not, and what will work best for your particular interest or need.  If you want true, expert advice without the BS and the "smoke&mirrors", we've got your back!    

At Severns Custom, we won't play games with you or your money.  Selling weapons is serious business, and we take our business seriously.  If we don't have what you're looking for sitting on the shelf when you walk in, we tell you, straight up front.  We won't mis-represent a New Old Stock gun as "brand new", nor represent a used gun as anything other than used.  Without you, the client, we understand that we have no business.  In short, you WILL be treated with dignity and respect. 

Finally, we offer COMPREHENSIVE service after the sale.  Many of our models are sold with a limited, lifetime replacement warranty.  You buy one of these guns, and it ever fails you, we get you an immediate repair or replacement weapon.  Period.  Want a periodic "tune-up"?  Not a problem; ship it back, and we'll knock it out, in timely fashion and at reasonable prices.  You want to turn your new acquisition into a real, H.A.R.D. fighting gun or custom masterpiece?  We've got you covered, and without the need for back and forth, cross-country shipping.  Severns Custom IS your one-stop shop!          

Severns Custom accepts Personal Check (please allow time for your check to clear), Bank (Certified) Checks and Money Orders.  Sorry, no credit card sales at this time, and we no longer accept PayPal, due to their onerous business practices.  As we've done since the beginning, Severns Custom will continue to do business the "old fashioned way"!


What can we say about these amazing, American-made guns that hasn't already been said?  They have all bar-stock, name brand small parts, forged slides and frames (or billet aluminum lower receivers on compact models), very well fit barrels offering outstanding accuracy, and high-tech blackening treatments (not cheapo epoxy paint like the other guys offer!) on select models.  All with a true, manufacturer's written warranty.  Easily the best value out there in 1911-world.  Listen...I know these folks.  They are good men and women, and friends.  They know their stuff, and I truly believe in their products. 

We try hard to stock the entire Dan Wesson line-up of 1911 pistols.  This is a bit harder theses days, as DW has significantly increased the size of their line-up, and frankly doesn't make all models simultaneously.  As such, there may be a model or two not in stock at the time you're ready to buy. 

Pictured below are just a few sample photos of the Dan Wesson Line-up:

- THE 10MM SILVERBACK!  Gorgeous 2-tone, all-stainless Government length pistol full of custom features, including: High-tech, blackened, checkered frame with countersunk slide stop pin hole; Ball cuts on slide, Adjustable, tritium night sights, Hour-glass trigger; Flush-machined crown on barrel; G-10 conventional thickness grips, etc., etc..  Limited availability, but in stock now.

- THE STAINLESS VALOR, chambered in 45acp, 9mm, and 10mm.  This hot rod easily compares with the $2400+ guns from the other guys, at nowhere near the price.  All steel bar stock small parts, very, very accurate out of the box, and no MIM.  An absolutely incredible value!

- THE STAINLESS SPECIALIST.  Easily the most feature-packed gun in the DW line-up, and quite handsome, to boot.  Chambered in 45acp or 9mm caliber, and comes with 2 stainless mags. 

-  THE RZ-10 RAZORBACK.  THE classic 10mm Dan Wesson! Forged stainless steel slide and frame, and all bar-stock internals.  Ribbed, flat top slide, and black sights.  Packing 9 rounds of 10mm whallop per mag.  Extremely accurate, and far more flat shooting than a 45.  Limited availability.

- THE RZ-45 HERITAGE.  Outstanding performance and quality in an "entry level" gun that will leave similarly priced guns in it's dust.  Period.  ZERO MIM!  The Heritage proves that you don't need to spend $1500 to get a fantastic quality 1911. 

- THE VALKYRIE AND NEW VALKYRIE COMMANDER.  One very nice model indeed!  Sports many of the custom enhancements Dave performs on custom pistols, including a flush-machined barrel muzzle, "Hi Power cuts" and "ball cuts" on the slide nose, blackened trigger, checkered frontstrap and mainspring housing, commander-ring hammer, Straight 8 Ledge style night sights, round-butt frame/mainspring housing heel, and countersunk slide stop opening in the frame.  The grips panels are awesome, as well.  With all the custom touches done on the gun, it's an ABSOLUTE BARGAIN!! 

- THE BLACK VALOR, IN 45ACP, 9MM, OR 10MM.  You know the gig.  Flagship Dan Wesson pistol, all bar-stock parts, no MIM, yada yada...    Fantastic gun, which truly deserves it's reputation as a Giant Killer. 

- THE BLACK SPECIALIST, IN 45ACP OR 9MM  Full-featured, and ready to strap on and go to work!  No need for the more costly brands, when you can have this level of performance for under $1800.00!

- THE STAINLESS VALOR BOBTAIL (VBOB), IN 45ACP OR 9MM.  All stainless construction for durability, yet very concealable, this is a "do it all" gun.  Hard to believe the quality this pistol packs for the dollar spent. 

- THE POINTMAN 9 (9MM) AND POINTMAN 38 (38 SUPER). Full size stainless pistol.  Comes with 2 stainless magazines and fiber-optic front sight.   

- THE CCO.  Wonderful gun utilizing a billet aluminum frame with rounded butt, and a true Commander length slide assembly.  Great carry gun that is also good for all-around use.

- THE BLACK VBOB!. Chambered in 9mm or 45acp this all-stainless steel pistol utilized an Ed Brown Bobtail on the frame, for concealability as well as durability.  All bar-stock parts, etc., as with all Dan Wesson pistols.

  Chambered in 9mm or 45acp, this lovely little pistol is reliable, lightweight, accurate and very easy to shoot.  Nothing has been compromised in this piece.  All bar stock small parts, forged, checkered aluminum frame, tactical night sights, 2 stainless mags, etc.  Fantastic little carry gun! 

Please inquiry for availability of all Dan Wesson models.

*IMPORTANT note concerning firearms sales and special orders:
  All new firearms sales are final.  All special orders of firearms require a 50% deposit at the time of order placement, with the balance payable prior to shipment or transfer of the firearm.  Severns Custom imposes a cancellation fee consisting of the deposit amount for all special ordered firearms.  There will be no exceptions to this policy.  The answer for our clients is to simply be sure you want the gun before you order it.  Thanks for your understanding! 

MT. JULIET, TN  37122

Sales: 1-775-790-0681

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