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Hard Hat Treatment

Introducing the Severns Custom Hard Hat treatment.  Unlike conventional, so called "high tech" coatings that last about as long as your paycheck, Hard Hat is the real deal.  A true, durable alternative for demanding users who need a dark weapon.  Hard Hat is NOT a coating.  It is a sophisticated, labor intensive treatment process that both hardens and chemically alters the surface of the metal, turning your carbon steel or stainless steel firearm a beautiful, yet unbelivably tough, jet black in the process.   

The beauty of the Hard Hat process is two-fold.  What you can see is the georgeous, satin black surface of the treatment.   Where-as a cheap coating merely "sticks" to the underlying metal, Hard Hat, it is a process which chemically and physically diffuses into the metal, altering its structure.  As such, the black surface of the treatment simply cannot de-bond, or crack, peel, and chip as the "spray-on and pray"  paints do!  What you don't see it at least as important.  During the Hard Hat process, the outer surface metal is hardened...literally to the point of being 'file hard', providing unbelievable protection from everyday dings and scratches, while the inner core of the metal is left unaltered, providing toughness and preventing the metal from becoming brittle.  Hard Hat also provides increased wear-resistance, fatigue strength, corrosion resistance, and lubricity properties.  With Hard Hat,  we create a hardened gun that is also stealthy and beautiful; in short, your dreams come true!  

Hard Hat is a process duplicated by NO ONE ELSE in the firearms industry.  What sets us apart from other, competing processes out there?  
  • First, our PREPARATION process is superior.  All components to be treated are carefully prepared for treatment BY HAND, by a professional gunsmith.  Sharp edges, corners, and holes are all properly attended-to.  The correct surface profile is established on the metal, to suit the needs of the firearm itself, as well as the aesthetic requirements of the owner.  Try getting this level of attention to detail from the competition!   
  • Second, our TREATMENT process is superior.  This is evidenced by the even jet black color, and the fine, satin finish of the metal, devoid of streaking, blotching, thinning, or irridescence, as may be found elsewhere.
  • Finally, our QA/QC and ASSEMBLY process is superior.  All treated components are final-inspected by hand, and again, by a professional gunsmith.  Any parts found not to meet our demanding standards are rejected and re-processed.  Components such as slides and frames are hand-lapped, as necessary, for glass-smooth function, and rotating small parts are post-processed for perfect fit and function in your weapon.  It WILL be right, or it WON'T ship.  Period.    

As shown in the images above, sight assemblies and barrels (and also magazine bodies) can be Hard Hat treated, increasing their durability and performance.  Sorry, but we cannot treat parts or components made from wood, plastic, or aluminum.  Please call or e-mail for pricing and current turn-around time.  

MT. JULIET, TN  37122


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