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Hard Hat Durability

At Severns Custom, we receive a lot of inquiries about the durability of our Hard Hat treatment.  As we believe that "pictures speak louder than words", we thought we'd show you on sample of Hard hat durability.  

The following photo depicts a Severns Custom "Black Monolith" model, chambered in 45acp,  built some time ago for a client. 
Look closely at the aft end of the beavertail grip safety.  Notice anything "out of whack"?

This pistol suffered a vertical drop onto the concrete, with the tip of the grip safety taking 100% of the initial, blunt impact.     

In this photo, you can see how the aft end of the grip safety is bent upward, into a vertical position.

Notice that while the grip safety itself deformed (which speaks to how the internal structure of the metal remains malleable, and not brittle) the Hard Hat treatment shown absolutely NO damage!  No chipping, no cracking, and no peeling.  NOTHING!
I wonder how the concrete fared?    :)

And finally, here is the same grip safety, re-installed on the firearm after being pursuaded by heat and pressure back into it's original shape, with a new, unaltered part held along-side for reference.  The black, topical portion of the Hard Hat the treatment was destructively tested (fancy term for "removed"), demonstrating that it exhibits no peeling or delamination (separation) from the steel substrate.  Now, the original part simply needs to be re-treated with Hard Hat, and it's good to go.  The unsuspecting would never know that the part had ever been damaged! 

We hope this little demonstration helps to better understand the durability of the Hard Hat treatment.  While no metal treatment is "bullet-proof" when it comes to wear or damage, in our opinion, Hard Hat is as close as it gets! 

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