SEVERNS CUSTOM               H.A.R.D. 1911 PISTOLS
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Custom Pistolsmithing Services
02/2018 UPDATE: Apologies, but we are not taking in any new work, until the backlog of work is reduced.  Thanks kindly for understanding.
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Severns Custom is a "one-stop shop" for all of your custom gunsmithing needs.  We offer a complete array of professional gunsmithing services, from simple to sophisticated, from mild to wild.  In addition to building world-class H.A.R.D. 1911s, we build and service competition "race" guns, and can perform any type of repair your weapon needs.  The following photos highlight just a very few of the services we offer.  Call us, and let us know how we can assist you!

Hand and machine cut checkering at 20, 25, and 30 lines per inch.  Checkering can be integrated with high-cut of frontstrap under trigger guard, if desired.

For something a bit more exotic, fishscales, snakeskin, and various combination treatments can be applied to the frontstrap.  Snakeskin pattern shown, with integrated  "wrap-around" high-cut under trigger guard.

Fore a more traditional treatment, serrations can be applied, along with integrated high-cut, if you choose.  Serrations can be cut in virtually any pattern you can dream up. 

A less costly but still attractive frontstrap high-cut is the "plunge cut" style, depicted above.

Conventional work, like flat-topping and adding serrations to the slide yield an attractive look.  Serrations can be cut in any pattern you like.

Your tastes run a bit more wild?  Well...we can handle that, too!

A target crown on the barrel, cut at either 11 or 45 degrees, makes an attractive enhancement to the front of the gun.  When cut flush with an oversized barrel bushing, all we can say is WOW!!

....and when this work is coupled with a tasteful dehorning of the weapon, functionality as well as aesthetics are enhanced even more!

One of our most popular enhancements is "bobtailing" of the square butt, or 'heel' of the gun, increasing both concealibility as well as comfort in carry and shooting.  Try'll like it!  These Severns Custom pistols also exhibit different finishes that can be added to your project.  The top pistol is all stainless, and exhibits Severns Custom Hard Hat treatment on the lower receiver, while the bottom stainless pistol exhibits a satin bead blast finish.

MT. JULIET, TN  37122

Phone: 1-775-790-0681

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